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The Department of Medical Physics and Engineering


Bexley Wing

The Bexley Wing at St James's University Hospital

Welcome to the NHS Department of Medical Physics and Engineering in the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The Department provides a wide range of scientific and paraclinical services which entail the application of physics and engineering to healthcare. For this reason, Medical Physics has been called "perhaps the most diverse of all hospital departments". The department comprises approximately 150 staff and has an annual turnover of more than 5m. It is very closely linked to the Division of Medical Physics in the School of Medicine, University of Leeds. Although we are based within the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, we also provide services to other Trusts in the Northern and Yorkshire region, and to some non-NHS customers.

Departmental organisation

The NHS department is organised under six main functions:

  • Business management and administration
  • Clinical engineering and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Physiological sciences and Clinical physics
  • Radiological physics and radiation protection
  • Radionuclide physics,and MRI
  • Radiotherapy physics

Each of the five scientific functions is headed by an experienced Consultant Clinical Scientist, specialising in that field, assisted by lead Technical Officers, and supported by teams of scientific and technical staff.